Watertightness - Geomembrane



  • Material depending on the stored liquid
  • Food quality for drinking water
  • Anti-UV treatment
  • Ten-year warranty on watertightness*


* Our geomembrane supplier provides a ten-year warranty on watertightness.

The membranes are assembled at the factory to the exact dimensions of the tank (diameter and height).

When the tanks are equipped with a sump, it is also prefabricated at the factory. A geotextile felt is positioned between the geomembrane and the concrete base, to protect it from the asperities of the concrete.

Watertightness by mastic joint sealant

The application of a mastic joint sealant - polyurethane, silicone - between the metal sheets ensures the watertightness of the tank.

For the bottom of the tank, the concrete base is then treated with a water repellent.


  • Steel tray type self-supporting cover: protection against the intrusion of external elements
  • Conical shape, flat...
  • Materials depending on the intended purpose of the tanks (drinking water, fire water, process water...) and locations (seaside, saline and aggressive atmosphere).
  • Self-supporting structure formed of galvanised steel profile, aluminium...
  • Bib in galvanised sheet to ensure the finish between the cover and the shell of the tank.

It is equipped with a peripheral inspection hatch accessible by the caged ladder.