Design and Manufacturing

Our bolted steel tanks are available in the following shapes:


Rectangular (for non-standard projects)

They consist of galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheets which are processed in the factory according to a Blue Tank standard and assembled on site by bolting.

Capacities of our tanks

Calculation tool

These capacities are given as an indication. They may vary according to the standards taken into account.

Our design office

Plan 3D avec rendu réaliste

Our manufacturing plant

The entire tank manufacturing process is carried out at our Solferino plant in the Landes.

We have production tools composed of high-performance machines:

  • CNC punch press with loader
  • Profile bending machine
  • Sheet metal bending machine for large thicknesses
  • Plate rolling machine
  • Press brake
  • Punching bench with profile
  • Welding station
  • ...

Production workshop

Profile punching line

Punching line tolerie


An important material stock is preserved (insulated and heated storage area)

Bending of thick sheet metal