Installation and maintenance of tanks

  • 200 tanks mounted each year
  • 1 million bolts assembled per year
  • 7 vehicles equipped with hydraulic cylinders and power units

Specialised equipment

  • Hydraulic power units equipped with pressure relief devices
  • Hydraulic cylinders with check valves and mechanical arms
  • Hydraulic hoses equipped with conical couplers



Hydraulic cylinders and power units: regular maintenance provided by an external company, specialised in the hydraulic sector.

Electrical equipment: inspection upon each return to the work site by our workshop supervisor and, if necessary, by a specialist.

Operating procedure

  • The first shell of sheets is positioned on the concrete base.
  • The shell takes shape thanks to a steel angle, previously bent at the factory to the exact dimensions of the tank.
  • The metal structure that supports the sheets of the cover is put in place.

Once this first manual operation is completed, the fitters position the hydraulic cylinders, pinned in the bottom, which will allow the rings to be assembled at ground level.

  • At the first lift, the geomembrane is positioned on the ground and then hooked on the inner periphery of the high angle of the tank.
  • The sheets are then put in place and bolted after the lifting operation up to the desired height of the coating.
  • The different connections and taps are set up during mounting, always at ground level.
  • The last shell placed, is fixed, a shore angle ensures the connection together and also allow the mounting and fixing of anchor plates (2 per sheet) which serve to hold the tank to the ground.

An anchorage (expansion anchors - "Spit-fix" type in Ø ranging from M12, M16 to M20 depending on the size of the structure and/or the specifications for the file concerned) is positioned at the perimeter every 1.20 m, inside anchor sabots.

  • For the final phase (connection of the inner tubes), a means of entering the tank is provided by a DN600 manhole at the bottom section.
  • The positioning of the geomembrane is controlled before filling.